Secondary Frequency Control Service, for bringing  the system frequency to the nominal value and to bring programmed value of the total elecricity trade with  the neighbor electric grid, according to Electiricity Market of ancillary services regulations, the electricity production facilities which have to attend Secondary Frequency Control , will be increased and decreased their active power output by equipment  which receiving and processing signals is sent by  automated production control program in MYTM.

For keeping system frequency at set levels, ancillary services for frequency control is activated in a particular hierarchy. Primary frequency response begins within a few seconds after the frequency deviation and reaches its maximum value, without exceeding 30 seconds. Reaction of the primary frequency control must be continued for 15 minutes. Secondary unit offers frequency control services, blocks or maximum response time to start the change in output power while the plant should be 30 seconds and the test results should be accessible to the desired level of production in accordance with the loading speed determined. All the production facilities which have  installed capacity of 100 MW and above, has to be capable of secondary frequency control service.