Transmission and distribution system depends on the licensed production facilities all the excessive excitation 0.85 and low excitation 0.95 power factor between the automatic voltage regulator continuously by and/or first RLDC and then the transmission or distribution system operator under the direction of reactive power control participation is mandatory. However, based on wind energy production facilities EP$Y within the limits stated in Annex 18 to the power factor value that it can operate at any point is mandatory. This nominal output power and reactive power values between the minimum stable production levels reach necessary to ensure that at every point.

Synchronous Compensator in the synchronous compensator based on the study of reactive power support service providers working as units I units;

  • Can be operated with zero power factor,
  • Thermal units overexcited when it runs up to 75% of nominal power could reactive power, low warning when running with the reactive power that may be up to 30%
  • Hydroelectric units overexcited when operated up to 75% of nominal power to produce reactive power Vthat can be operated with low warning When the reactive power that may be up to 60%