The purpose of the test consumption on the premises is located, and these services will participate in the point of consumption of the demand, the system frequency determined by TEIAS frequency levels fall into the case there is a control relay through the cut automatically to verify that the system stability.

Testing Stages

Instant Demand Control Service Performance Tests performed before you start the following operations . Consumer demand for instant control facility to provide services to participate in that commitment consumption by the amount of instantaneous demand control should have a backup.

  • The test will be the point of consumption in the instantaneous demand control relays information to the mains frequency signal is applied instead of the simulated test frequency and frequency of 0.5 HzIs speed will be reduced.
  • Implemented a simulated test frequency signal, the frequency of the service will be provided after reaching the level of instantaneous demand control relays, all at the point of consumption will be checked.
  • During the Demand Control Service Performance Tests, perform the following test signals as well as other signals which experts see necessary, will be recording .
  • Instantaneous demand control relays applied to the simulated test frequency signal.
  • Instantaneous demand control relay delay time
  • About the amount of the load measured at the point of consumption
  • Relay on/off signal

Tests performed during the recording signals, text format (ASCII I Text) files as data records in the manner determined by TEIAS, test report and test report CD I DVD media observers will be delivered to TEiAS added. Data recording equipment, along with the documents required to bear the conditions prior to testing shall be submitted to TEIAS observers.