To do primary frequency control, reactive power control tests in power plants and to provide test services in framework of relevant laws, regulations and standarts. DGS  Enerji Test Kontrol Muayene ve Gözetim Hizmetleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. who carry out performance test inspections,  its quality policy has organized in this direction.

To ensure mutual trust and to act ethically with our customers, our business partners and our employees.

In our inspection jobs, to do independent, impartial and honest work. Ensure the confidentiality of information obtained from costumers.

To educate our employees for continuity of our quality, to provide working contidions and motivation, to increase participation in management. To comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to ensure improvement activities continuously, within the framework of the  TS EN ISO/IEC 17020 standarts.

To use our resources by planning in the right place and the right time for improvement and our continuity.

To implement the quality consciousness in all its units in a systematic way and to adopt as a lifestyle, as Company employees.

To commit complying the Quality Management System's conditions and maintaining activities by having given principles in accordance with continuous improvement approach.

To spare no sacrifice for the continuity of our quality policy as DGS Enerji Test Kontrol Muayene ve Gözetim Hizmetleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.


DGS Energy continued its accreditation since January 2013, as announced on the official web site page by TEIAS Ancillary Services continues its way with Type A EN ISO IEC 17020 Accreditation.

Doing Primary Frequency Control and Reactive Power Control  tests in power plants, make inspection and relevant laws, regulations, and provide inspection services in the framework of standards, receive, performs the performance testing examination DGS energy continues to serve at the new address.

DGS Energy is excited to share its knowledge and experience with our customers. Since its inception as dozens of successful service with a staff of experts who perform inspections DGS Energy; execution of tests, its customers and services, including the delivery of records and reports TEIAŞ Adoption offers turnkey solutions.

Data recording equipment with the latest technology to be prepared after the test which was carried out in the report can be presented to the customer quickly.

Primary Frequecny Control and Reactive Power Control examinations are not enough to improve the power quality disturbances; therefore , improve the power quality can be investigated under the following headings. Harmonic distortion system settlement, surge pulses are low or excessive voltage transient events. These values should be measured at regular appropriately.

Generator, Transformers, Capacitors and Motors which are located in systems can be used excessive force reduction in shelters, drop and power factor in the increase in losses, excessive current in neutral line, the formation resonance and high voltage puncture occurs one or a few of the problems of harmonic problems in installation and start damaging the system. If the supply voltage of the power source of the power quality problems come up it depends on the type of load with the quality of the installation. At the same time the such as; Primary Frequency Control, Reactive Power Control, Secondary Frequency Control of services  are being studied for the higher quality and can acquire additional revenue for business owners.

DGS Energy accredited on Primary Frequency Control, Reactive Power Control tests and it is performed by expert engineers in the field of inspection and reported properly..


Our company have been oparetiong in the field of electrical, temparature and high voltage calibration laboratories.